Wednesday, September 04, 2002

European Poll Thinks American Foreign Policy To Blame For 9/11

I'm not a European so I have poor grasp of things I know nothing about. Let me explain it for you, Europe.
Terrorism is an act, therefore ...

A) Terrorism is not about why it is done
B) It is not about who does it
C) It is certainly not about foreign policy

All of the moral obfuscation in the world does not change any of that. Europeans resent that they have driven themselves into the pathetic morass of irrelevancy, their efforts to gerrymander the ICC show that they will do anything to get back on top, and their effete class heirarchy instincts certainly go berserk at the notion that upstart America is more important than they are.

The first response to this tirade I get from a European will go something like this; you're labelling all Europeans based on this poll and that is wrong. No, it is not wrong. If I open my garage door and a tiger is sitting there, I close the garage door. If I open my garage door and a European is sitting there telling me that if we would just stop stop supporting the only democracy in the mid-east and instead cater to the 20+ mysognist, repressive, intolerant dictatorial regimes there, I sic the tiger on him.

Europeans have had a fractured, violent history for much longer than we have been in existence so their hesitance is warranted. I don't trust Europeans to make decisions these days either. In fact, being on the opposite side of European thought is a pretty safe bet ... but just this one time they will need to recognize that hiding in the corner promising to change our policies under threat is a bad idea.

For the record, Europe, Osama said he hated the US because we, the infidels, stepped foot in Arabia.

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