Tuesday, September 03, 2002

Carnegie's Non-Proliferation Project Says Iraq Sitting On Tons Of Chemical Weapons

These guys are not shills for Bush or hawks in general. They are a disarmament group, after all. Their findings tell us what many already knew. He's hiding the very weapons he keeps telling the UN he does not have and so thus has no reason to let UN inspectors in. If it smells suspicious to you, too, I am not surprised. Most leaders who care about their people would want embargoes and bombings to stop if all they had to do was let inspectors in to try and find things that do not exist.

Yet if they do exist, you need to find ways to hide them, or bully your way into limiting the inspections so they can't be found. Waiting until he is even more of a danger, when we can prove he has all of these weapons( an impossible task in a restrictive dictatorship), is a huge mistake.

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