Monday, September 02, 2002

Russia Warns That Iraq Attack Could Destabilize The Mid-East

Wouldn't that be the whole point? Like it can get any worse? How bad will it be to have Iraqis dancing in the streets, playing baseball, and voting? Sure, there are some who say that a crazed dictator could take over, but each one of those countries has one of those right now. Russia wants to be a player so their comments can be taken with a grain of salt. They certainly weren't worried about destabilization when they attacked Afghanistan in 1979, they weren't worried about destabilization when they funded Iranian radicals who ejected the US-friendly Shah either.

Is it money talking? It's hard to say. A friendlier, democratic Iraq would have no UN restrictions on oil exports, so Russia ( and Arabia ) would make less money ... but if we keep being told that oil interests shouldn't be so important in US policy, it's clear that more cheap oil would accomplish just that.

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