Monday, September 02, 2002

The Real Problem

The NYTImes ran a headline For Arab Informers, Death; For the Executioners, Justice talking about the execution of Palestinian by their breathren who suspect them of collaborating with Israel.

The headlone implies that the execution is a disputed issue; disputed between those who think it's murder by daylight, and those who think it's ultimate justice. I would like to argue that the main point it being looked over and not given ample attention.

Israel is supposed to be the Palestinian's partner towards peace. While the world would rather turn away from the textbooks the PA publishes that teach to hate Israel (more information here) they miss the obvious point: those collaborating with Israel and those who recognize that peace will only come when terror is stopped. The problem is that the Palestinian street perceives Israel as the enemy to begin with. The PA has come short of educating its people towards peace with their next door neighbor yet another time.


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