Monday, September 02, 2002

Ami Isseroff Discusses Stopping The Israeli Settlements

Unfortunately his article fails the first common sense litmus test; if the Israelis stop, will the Palestinians?

I doubt it. Somehow there are three million Palestinians laying claim to parts of Israel and the west bank today. If you have hostile indigents the obvious choice is to replace them with friends. This is common sense. Yet there were only a few hundred thousand displaced in 1948. If the Israelis stop building settlements and hostile Palestinians continue to build them, then Israel is inviting a hostile people into its borders and perpetuating the problem they already have.

The only other solution would be to have the IDF patrolling unsettled land and rousting Palestinians. We all know how well that would play on CNN.

The risk of the settlements is clearly with Israel. They may have to give them up in the future, the cost of security and infrastructure for them is very high ... yet if it adds to peace now it may well be worth the cost to them.

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