Monday, September 02, 2002

Iraq To Consider 'Conditional Return' of UN Arms Inspectors

This is the same old rhetoric in a new package ... it's designed to make it appear that diplomatic solutions are possible when the reality is Iraq is stalling for time in order to build a true arsenal.

Hussein is bad enough ... but his children have already shown themselves to be even further beyond him in depravity. Nothing is beyond them, including fratricide, so having a deadly chemical or nuclear arsenal in their hands would be bad for everyone.

Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Tareq Aziz did not spell out what such a settlement would entail, but Sabri wrote to Annan last month proposing a deal under which "all the requirements of the relevant Security Council resolutions would be satisfied in a synchronized manner."

It seems to be lost on him that if Iraq had ever completely been bound by the UN resolutions they would not still be under threat. Insisting they have no mass weapons of destruction but having four years of stonewalling from them is not helping matters.

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