Wednesday, September 04, 2002

Arab League To Meet

Let me save you some time. This is how it will go:
1)Arab leaders will ask Hussein to comply with UN resolutions.
2)Arab leaders will insist the US should take no action against Iraq.

There you have it. Hussein will then have one of his lackeys send out a message that Iraq will consider complying with UN resolutions while Hussein personally will oversee saber-rattling against the US of A.

He never complied fully and hasn't even given the lip-service he had given to the immasculated U.S. (circa 1992-2000) since 1998. The UN is toothless and he knows it. The Arab League has intimidated the Europeans into standing back from any attack on Iraq with threat of oil ... and the only excuse they can come up with is because they are not certain he has devastating offensive capability YET.

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