Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Oddly, No One Is Showing The Real Torture Videos

The NY Times, for example, has gone out of its way to bring up Abu Gharaib in virtually every news piece it can, but when the American Enterprise Institute showed video of Saddam Hussein's torture machine, no one came. Not an infidel girl pointing at a Muslim man's wee-wee either ... real torture. The kind of thing Saddam was famous for and a perfectly fine ancillary reason to send him packing.

Why not show them?

"Because most [journalists] want Bush to lose," says AEI scholar Michael Ledeen, who helped host the screening of the Saddam video.

It's not just journalists. The Pentagon has lots of Saddam atrocity footage — but is loathe to release it, possibly for fear it would be taken as a crude attempt to blunt criticism of Abu Ghraib.

So the world sees photos of U.S. interrogators using dogs to scare prisoners at Abu Ghraib. But not the footage of Saddam's prisoners getting fed — alive — to Doberman pinschers on Saddam's watch.

AEI spokeswoman Veronique Rodman, puzzled by the minimal interest in the Saddam torture video, is sure that if it was a video of equally horrific torture committed by U.S. troops, the press would find ways to show or report it.

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