Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Paris Jewish pupil beaten up by Muslims

A Jewish pupil attending a highly rated Paris secondary school was repeatedly beaten up by Muslim fellow pupils.
"We'll finish Hitler's job," they reportedly yelled at him. The headmaster moved the Jewish boy to another class within the 1,800 pupils secondary school. The victim is currently under tranquilizers, according to the French weekly "Le Journal du Dimanche".

The headmaster Jean-Marie Renault announced he will "organize a debate on the dangers of xenophobia" next term and denied any foot-dragging in the handling of the case. "The issue is very complex. There is obviously a victim that should be protected, but there are no admission and no witnesses willing to testify. We're in a dead-end."

France's Chief rabbi Joseph Sitruk recently recommended that Jewish boys should wear caps instead of their kippas in order to avoid being physically abused in the streets.

That's right ... the anti-Semitism is so un-checked in France that Jews are having to hide their religion.

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