Monday, April 12, 2004

Iraq Hostages Released ... What About Those Japanese, Anyway?

Forget that The Koran specifically prohibits punishing innocent people for the crimes of another ... terrorists are terrorists no matter what tome they read. It just so happens that Islam creates a lot more terrorists than anyone else in the universe. This time the terrorists realized they have nothing to gain and even more to lose so they released nine hostages of British, Turk, Pakistani, Nepalese, Filipino and Indian nationalities. That's right, Muslims in there too.

Now, al Jazeera is always complicit in these crimes. There is no greater mouthpiece for terrorism than Al Jazeera and their complete willingness to give any murderous radical publicity. But Iraqi terrorists quickly figured out that they couldn't really set anyone on fire ... that would be worse than bad. So they had to let them go.

But what about that pesky Japanese thing? We had tearful families insisting all Japanese soldiers be brought home to appease the terrorists. Heck, the terrorists should have blown up some stuff just before the election like they did in Spain ( and, as an aside, does al Qaeda's insistence they they are attacking because of Hussein dispel any doubts that al Qaeda and Hussein were in cahoots, or will liberal activists continue to insist they have nothing to do with each other? ) ... but I remain skeptical that this was a kidnapping at all.

Combine Al Jazeera with a Japanese anti-war activist, some other Japanese un-specified Non-Government Organization worker ( read: whatever you want, but probably activist ) and a Japanese reporter ... and I smell a rat. Especially because the deadline to set them on fire has come and gone.

It would be truly horrid if this turned out to be true but a healthy skepticism is warranted here. Like the terrorists they support, radical activists who fly to a war zone are unbalanced enough to fabricate this.

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