Monday, December 15, 2003

SADDAM CAUGHT. "President Bush sends his regards."

That was the response of Major Brian Reed, operations officer for the first brigade of the Fourth Infantry Division, when the captured Hussein offered to 'negotiate.' Since Saddam had $750K in cash on him and more hidden in other holes, 'negotiate' meant he would turn over the money for freedom.

What he did not realize is that American soldiers are not motivated by fear and tyranny. Like many Europeans, Hussein thinks he and Bush are the same.

Hussein offered to pay $25,000 to any Palestinian family that sent one of its children to suicide bomb Jews ... he never paid them, of course. The US paid $30 million to the informants who gave up information on Saddam's evil spawn ... and this likely encouraged the family member who turned Saddam in. Promises from a former evil dictator versus $25 million from America ... they made a smart bet.

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