Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Iraqis working for Reuters and NBC Claim They Were Also 'Abused' By US Soldiers

Small wonder, given the predilection of those two news organizations to slant their coverage toward their politics, Reuters being much worse than NBC. Yet still today NBC won't let Abu Ghairab go, even though the vast majority of the American public doesn't regard the 'humiliation' of an infidel girl seeing a Muslim wee-wee as being a hate crime along the lines of, for example, cutting off the head of an infidel and then broadcasting it on al-Jazeera.

I suspect that if Boston Globe or UK Daily Mirror editors arrived in Iraq, they might get rough treatment too. Those two news organizations, which published fake pictures of soldiers 'raping Iraqi girls' and Brit soldiers urinating on Iraqi captured terrorists, didn't know the pictures were real ... but they wanted them to be real so they ran them anyway. Soldiers have a hard time being vilified by left-wing editors in the interests of selling papers.

What did the abused news staffers have to do? They had to put shoes in their mouths, which is supposedly 'particularly humiliating' in Muslim culture. I guess this means we're going to see more Americans beheaded in retaliation while those savages chant "God is great."

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