Friday, September 13, 2002

Chretien Under Fire

Pimping to his constituency only gets you so far, especially if you do it in a national forum. His office now says the conclusions drawn are a 'gross misconstruction' of what he meant.

Since you all rely on me to recap for you, I will make it brief. Still trapped in 1990s Clinton moral relativism, he basically says that perceived western greed and arrogance led to 9/11. A transcript of his full remarks released by the Prime Minister's Office revealed Mr. Chrétien also said he believes the growing disparity between rich and poor countries was an "inspiration" for the terrorists.

Continue to complain about how Canada is being impacted by new border restrictions while letting anyone in the country and then expecting us to let them immigrate illegally to the US. That's sure helping the economic gap.

Brian Mulroney, Conservative prime minister from 1984 to 1993, issued a statement condemning Mr. Chrétien for remarks he interpreted as laying blame for terrorism on Americans and U.S. capitalism.

"This is a uniquely disgraceful statement, even by Mr. Chrétien's worrisome standards. On the day the world solemnly recalls the death and destruction brought by cold-blooded murderers, our Prime Minister says that American economic strength and success was in part the provocation for such action," Mr. Mulroney said.

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