Thursday, May 23, 2002

Mubarak Talks Peace

President Hosni Mubarak, marking the Prophet Muhammad's birthday, called on Muslims to project a true image of a merciful and compassionate Islam by showing moderation and taking part in dialogue with non-Muslims.

In a speech aired late Wednesday on Egyptian television, Mubarak said, "Our differences with others in religion, culture and principles do not imply enmity to the others." He also said only Muslims have the right to define Islamic culture and principles, based on a clear vision of "our moderate Islamic faith."

Mubarak continues what is one of the most astute diplomatic balancing acts of modern times. On one hand he continues to allow certain radical fringe elements to operate ... on the other hand he doesn't allow any official action that would aggravate the situation in the mid-east. He doesn't get assassinated by the radicals or duped into war like his predecessors.

The list of great non-western diplomats acknowledged by the west is rather short but Mubarak certainly makes the cut.

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