Sunday, July 18, 2004

Palestinian Miltants Sack Offices of Nobel Prize Winner

Live by terrorism, die by terrorism. Well, Arafat didn't die. He just made a lot of people organizing a campaign of hatred against Jews angry at him as well. Except they are angry at him for a good reason. Sensing that there needed to be a 'reorganization' after last week's kidnapping of the Palestinian Authority police chief, he chose a relative. What a surprise. An Arab dictator choosing a relative.

Oddly, these new protests are happening precisely because Israelis have said they will pull out of Gaza. Now there is a power struggle because it turns out Arafat needs Israel to hate more than Israel needs Gaza. With Israel making concessions there is no reason not to have peace ... or democracy. Right? So it would seem.

In a rare news conference, Moussa Arafat brushed aside protests over his appointment. "I take my orders from His Excellency President Arafat," he said, seated below a huge portrait of his mentor. "He is the only one who can ask me to quit my job."

He said he was ready to "engage in any battle against any potential enemy," and made it clear the enemy could come from within the Palestinian camp.

What a surprise. Now Arafat and his family are ready to kill fellow Arabs who disagree with him.

For this he got a Nobel Prize?

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