Friday, July 02, 2004

Iraqis Talk About Saddam

Smelly chicks from Seattle may be harping on the "sovereignty" of Iraq ( under sanction and bombing for 11 years, sovereign may not mean what they think it means ) but real Iraqis who lived under Saddam's terrorist regime feel differently.

"I just hope they will try him by his own law. He knew nothing but executing people for even minor or imaginary offenses," Khaled Mohammed, 28, said as he watched with two friends at a cafe on Baghdad's Saadoun Street.

"Such a person shouldn't be tried. Standing a trial is an honor he doesn't deserve," said Rahman Aziz, 27, owner of a CD and cassette shop. "He should be sent directly to the gallows." Aziz said he was tortured in one of Saddam's prisons for seven months, after the secret police found CDs of Shiite Muslim literature in his shop.

"Watching him today is more saddening than joyful, because this coward maniac is the one who humiliated us and made our lives hell for 35 years," he said.

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