Saturday, October 12, 2002

Jordan Set To Remove Children From Christian Widow And Give Them To The Muslim Brother She Does Not Speak With

The London-based organisation Christian Solidarity Worldwide says the woman, Siham Qandah, was told on Monday that she had seven days to hand over her teenage son and daughter. It is the latest round in a bitter custody battle that highlights the pitfalls awaiting Christians caught up in the workings of Jordan's Islamic courts.

No kidding. If Islam wants to be taken seriously outside of the repressive dictatorships that give people no choice, they need to be fair toward all religions.

Conveniently, the Court in Jordan ruled that the husband of Siham Qandah, a UN peacekeeper in Kosovo, had switched to Islam before his death so the children were Muslims. Mrs. Qandah knew nothing of this, of course, the children are baptized Christians and Mr. Qandah had been given a Christian burial and death certificate.

Mrs. Qandah had simply applied for the transfer of his Army pension ... the court ruling meant that the children would only be able to receive their inheritance through a Muslim guardian. Mrs Qandah's brother - who converted to Islam as a teenager - agreed to act as their legal guardian so they could get their money. Then he decided he wanted to keep the children and the court in Jordan agreed because, it said, she had distanced them from Islamic ritual and doctrine.

Well, they are Christian so that makes sense. Of course, if a Muslim court says her husband switched despite any evidence Mrs. Qandah will have to remain in hiding.

Religious rights activists are urging King Abdullah of Jordan to intervene. This is a chance for the King to show Islam in a positive light ... let's see how he does.

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