Thursday, October 03, 2002

Egypt Disbands Peace Organization In The Name of Peace?

The Cairo Association for Peace had as its pretext normalization of relations with Israel. This could not be allowed, according to the article in Al-Usbu' (Egypt), September 30, 2002, because "considerations of public interest require caution towards any activity that concerns Israel, out of fear for the well-being of the land and [for the sake of] state security. This matter makes the decision to [found] the association null and void..."

Considerations that involve peace with Israel, that is.

According to the plaintiff attorney, Ibrahim Yusri, "the political circumstances of the region, Israel's acts of aggression, the siege of the Palestinian president, and the slaughter of dozens of defenseless Egyptian [sic] people on the occupied land, all call for the non- recognition of anybody calling for normalization of relations or making contact with the Zionist enemy."

Yusri went on to stress "that the [Egyptian] political leadership decided to freeze all forms of normalization except for what could serve the [Palestinian] issue. The activity of the Cairo Association for Peace deviated from this framework, because it calls for a culture of so-called peace at the height of a sweeping tide of blood pouring out onto the land of Palestine."

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