Wednesday, October 02, 2002

Arafat Anger Over US Endorsement of a Jerusalem Capitol

His window of opportunity is closing. He should be nervous when he makes Sharon look like a hero. He had a chance three years ago to settle an amicable peace, with Jerusalem shared between them. His handlers then insisted he demand more, talks broke down, and he assumed that by turning the dogs loose on Israeli civilians they would push things over the edge in their favor.

Instead, even after the UN Durban conference on racism attempted to paint Israel as the bad guy, even after UN officials tried to make Jenin a massacre, even after the UN Human Rights Commission has named known terrorist Gaddafhi their next leader, the moral capital of the Palestinians is slipping away.

Now he's protesting that the US is going to recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capitol anyway ... just as was planned in 1999. Whether the Palestinians can control themselves is up to them ... they can either share the land or be marginalized. The UN no longer has any credibility ... their weakness on Iraq for the past four years has shown that body to be a paper tiger ... so no one will listen to them on Palestine.

Norway and France are the only ones loudly insisting they should be involved. Norway is 90% pro-Palestine so that's no surprise. France has to pretend the UN is valid ... if the permanent members of the Security Council were drawn up today, they certainly wouldn't be on it ... nor would Russia.

If France wants to be a factor, if Norway wants the Oslo Accords to be less of a joke, they need to pressure the groups they're coddling.

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