Sunday, October 06, 2002

Explosion On French Ship In Yemen - The Ship Owner Says The Attack Is Deliberate

French Foreign Ministry spokesman Francois Rivasseau said, ""We don't have enough elements to allow us to formulate a ... hypothesis which would point to a terrorist attack."

Except Jacques Moizan, director of Euronav, which owns the tanker said the explosion was a "deliberate act." He said a smaller ship struck the starboard side of the Limburg. Moizan said it was not sure that the smaller vessel was a fishing boat. "I cannot provide details about the description of the small boat that hit the starboard," Moizan told The Associated Press, adding, "We believe it was a deliberate act. It was not an accident."

France, which has a large number of Muslims within its borders, is almost certain to dismiss this as a 'fire' caused by oil leaks. To do otherwise would enrage the militants within its borders and put them on a course of confrontation with the very people they insist the US should not be attacking.

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