Friday, July 12, 2002

Saleem Abu Sultan, Consul General of Palestine, Says No Muslim Involved in 9/11

He goes on to say America is using the mid-east crisis to further her own agenda. Funny, the Arab states look that way too. Then again, America isn't insisting that for there to be peace Israel has to be overrun by Arabs. America isn't paying people to strap bombs to themselves.

"Bush is not ready to even say hello to Yasser Arafat, check and discuss with him the issue. America plans things and knows what it exactly wants from a certain area. They always plan like they planned in the case of the recent September 11 attacks and blamed bin Laden and the Muslims," he said.

"But no Muslim was involved in it. They planned it. Thus for this area also they planned for years and tried to find the players to support their plan."

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