Friday, July 12, 2002

Khaled Al-Sulaiman Tries To Extend Racism Beyond Jews -- To African Muslims As Well

He doesn't speak for the majority of Muslims, thankfully.

'The bomb I am speaking of, for those who want to know, is the large number of Africans in the city; they are there illegally and as they encroach on the city and its facilities, they have become a public menace. They show no respect for the law whatsoever. They make it plain that all they care about is making money ? and by whatever means is available to them. They multiply like rabbits and every one of their children becomes no more than another tool for making money. They trade in everything, buying and selling; they work in gangs with each gang having its own area where outsiders are not allowed. They are seen on every street and at every traffic light. Like weeds in the soil of rich farmland, they threaten to engulf everything and take over.'

He goes on.

An italian once said a similar thing about Muslims and it caused a lot of controversy. Mecca is closed to non-Muslims and there are some who would like to see it closed to everyone except the 'right' kind of Muslims.

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