Thursday, June 13, 2002

Article on Racial Name Calling In The Mid-East, Europe and America

By Fawaz Turki writing for the Arab News. He's against the name-calling, as you can imagine most normal people are, but stresses that many of the name callers in the mid-east are drawing anti-semitism commentary from European sources and have no ingrained anti-semitic literature of their own. He affirms his feeling that many in the mid-east are fighting Israel but not Jews.

I agree with his take that anti-semitism in whatever form should be called out and unmasked for what it is ... what needs more investigation is his claim that anti-semitism is hurled at anyone in the US who disagrees with Israeli policy ... namely the American left wing. Sorry Fawaz, left-wing radicals aren't throwing garbage at Synagogues because they don't like Israeli politics.

Article Here


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