Friday, July 26, 2002

Signs of Increasing Malnutrition In Palestinian Children

You never know how these things will be spun. A well-known terrorist leader is killed along with most of this family and Israel is condemned. If I were a terrorist and I was worried about my family, I would stay away from them. Terrorists are perfectly willing to sacrifice their families to make Israelis look bad ... yet somehow Israel is to blame for not wanting to be bombed any more.

Likewise, Israel is going to be condemned because they aren't giving money to Arafat, even when there is evidence he is skimming money off of the top and likely using it to help fellow terrorists. No one is going to tell the Palestinians to stop suicide bombs so that they can get all of the tax revenue they had before.

Just how is it that Arafat, with no job, has so much money to keep his wife and child in luxury in a foreign country anyway?

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