Friday, May 03, 2002

US Joins Peace Effort

It's true that the US and the EU share a vision of a peaceful mid-east with Palestine and Israel side-by-side. What is not clear is how that will be implemented. The EU and the UN are fond of 'splitting the difference' solutions which led to much of the problem and of course EU countries have a history of problems with Jews.

The President also laid out his expectations for Palestinian statehood:
"A Palestinian state must be achieved by negotiation of an end to occupation," he said. "And such a state cannot be based on a foundation of terror or corruption.
"A Palestinian state must be based on the principles that are critical to freedom and prosperity: democracy and open markets, the rule of law, transparent and accountable administration and respect for individual liberties and civil society."
Mr. Powell said it was not clear who would attend the conference or where it would be held, which sounds like it will be held in Europe and that neither Israel or the PA will be invited.

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