Wednesday, May 01, 2002

US-Arabian Joint Mideast Peace Efforts

It's great that we can talk with each other about it. Heck, an Egyptian national acquaintance of mine and I solved the mid-east problem over lunch a month or two ago ... but an American and an Arabian aren't going to solve the problem any easier than an American and an Egyptian did. It pretty much requires the willing participation of Israelis and Palestinians.

However, the Saud family can stop running government campaigns of hate against Israel and they can stop their increasingly radical rhetoric against the US. The Israelis have proved their point by agreeing to let Arafat go only because of the insistence of the UK and the US so peace talks can begin again. The Palestinians can stop insisting they get their own nation AND get to be the majority in Israel, thus eliminating that country as well. The US can exert its influence to make sure Sharon is just perceived as being a hard-liner while willing to talk about reasonable peace.

There. Problem solved.

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