Friday, May 17, 2002

Belgian Court To Decide If Belgian Courts Get To Try Anyone They Want For War Crimes

In a test of whether or not the bloated, bureaucratic european courts can extend their mindspeak even further, Belgian courts will get to decide on June 26 whether or not they finally get to put someone from Israel on trial for something. According to a controversial law, Belgium is entitled to try foreign officials suspected of war crimes regarding events that do not involve Belgium. Ariel Sharon is one of about 40 world figures against whom complaints have been lodged in Belgium since the law was passed in 1993.

The attorney for the plaintifs, Michael Verhaeghe, tried to convince the court a previous The Hague ruling regarding diplomatic immunity did not apply. However, he added that if the appeals court is not persuaded, his clients could take their case to the International Criminal Court which is due to start operating soon after being ratified by more than 60 countries.

Not to sound biased, but it sounds like they will keep inventing courts until they find one willing to convict Israel.

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