Friday, May 17, 2002

Arafat: No elections until Israel pulls out Or Palestinians Being Pressured To Elect Someone Who Will Negotiate Peace?

Depends on who you read ... CNN below ...

Palestinians called on Arafat to sign the 'basic law', legislation guaranteeing basic rights to all Palestinian citizens, and to have his cabinet resign and be replaced by a smaller government. Arafat says elections will be held once Israel withdraws from the regions designated as under Palestinian control by the Oslo accord.

"You hear how they are preparing to send their reserves into other areas. I want to ask the whole world, 'Are you going to stand by holding your hands in the face of the Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people and our holy places?'" he said.

CNN Article Here

And then UPI, covering basically the same story ...

The U.S. government is pressing the Palestinian Authority to use an expected Cabinet reshuffle to bring in a slate of moderate officials they believe are more inclined to negotiate peace with Israel, U.S. officials and diplomatic sources said Thursday.

UPI Article Here


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