Tuesday, October 15, 2002

At Least 24 Women In Bahrain Want Their Rights

Apparently Islamic jurisprudence isn't regarded as evenly and fairly by the women as it is by the male clerics and dictators in the region. So dozens of women are protesting the latest incarnation of the personal status law because it will have two flavors -- one if you are Sunni and one if you are Shi'ite.

The personal status law would be for civil courts ... currently, family issues such as the marriage, the divorce and custody of the children are decided in Sharia courts.

As you might expect, the judges are against this and no circular reasoning will go unused.

"We are against judging cases in the civil court because the cases follow the religion and should be judged in the Sharia Court," said Judge Ali bin Ahmed Al Jidhafsi.
"We are also against a unified personal status law because it unifies the Shiite and Sunni laws, whilst there are many differences between the two."

Errrr ... okayyyy ...

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