Tuesday, July 09, 2002

Al Qaeda Says It Will Hit U.S., Jewish Targets Soon

Are any of these people still alive? Anyway, like prophets foretelling the end of the world, they promised terrorism on July 4th and all they got was a mentally unbalanced dead Egyptian ( reputed to be a friend of the Egyptian who downed the plane he was piloting a few years ago ... another wacko ) at LAX ... hardly a grand terrorism gesture. When that didn't happen they're now saying 'real soon.'

"Our military and intelligence networks are assessing and monitoring new U.S. targets that we will strike in a period of time which is not long," spokesman Sulaiman bu Ghaith told the Algerian Arabic daily newspaper El Youm.

This guy became a 'spokesman' for al-Qaeda somewhere around January. His last self-aggrandizement was the synagogue bombing in Tunisia, where he claimed al-Qaeda claimed responsibility.

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