Tuesday, July 09, 2002

Arabs Say Boycott Affecting US

They say it is hurting us and we don't understand why -- Israel, of course. They cite, for example, that Arabians used to flock to Disney World and they aren't doing so now.

What they leave out of this article is that no one will give anyone from Saudi Arabia a visa to get on an international flight full of jet fuel and fly to Orlando.

They say that trade between Arabia and the US is down 25%. So what? The GDP of all 22 countries in the Mid-East combined is less than that of Spain. SPAIN!! Sheesh, what are we losing? Some pistachios? They haven't stopped selling oil, that's for sure.

The article also states "Coke and Pepsi are doing their best to overcome the boycott. Both launched aggressive marketing campaigns during the World Cup to regain their markets, and the effort is reported to be making headway."

So the 280 billion eyeballs viewing the World Cup games weren't reason enough for products to advertise at the World Cup, it was just to salvage the Arabian market? This was the team that got hammered 8-0 by Germany in the opening game, right? I don't think Arabians were watching the Cup for very long. There were certainly no Arabians playing it for very long.

It gets better. The article says, "Attempts are being made to counteract the damage. The State Department is working to change the US image in the Arab world, and has recently launched a new Arabic-language pop radio station."

I think if we start beaming MTV into your country you'll stop funding terrorism. You're worried about cultural degradation and use an iron-fisted control policy on your population and you're happy about a US music station?

See you on "American Bandstand."

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