Thursday, June 20, 2002

Oliver Stone Gives His Informed Opinion On The Mid-East

No surprise who he's siding with ... what a day for idiot Americans who shouldn't have their opinions taken seriously at all to be making the news.

He took time from editing his film on Fidel Castro to talk about his documentary on Yasser Arafat. No, I am not kidding ... these are the only two people in the world that he can find to talk about.

Israel is concerned about Stone's documentary, says an article in the Jerusalem Post by Herb Keinon, which noted, "If (the) documentary on Yasser Arafat is as close to reality as were his movies on John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon, Israel has real reason for concern."

But Stone says, "I take no position on (Israel-Palestine). People think I'm pro one or the other."

I wonder why??

Article Here


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