Thursday, June 20, 2002

Israeli TV Considers Pulling CNN Because of Ted Turner Remarks

When will this man, who considers himself a great American, realize he is just an idiot? After calling 9/11 hijackers brave earlier this year and having to apologize, he now equated Israeli soldiers defending themselves with the suicide bombers they are defending themselves against.

A source close to Ram Belinkov, who will be chief executive of a merged company of the three cable providers -- Matav Cable Systems Media, Tevel and Golden Channels -- said the firms were "dissatisfied with CNN's political coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian situation."

"Turner's comments were the latest in a long line of biased coverage (against Israel)," the source said. "We are very dissatisfied with CNN's coverage. It's very problematic."

They are discussing replacing CNN with Fox News. Because Fox is biased toward Israel? No, because CNN is biased against Israel, and it would also send a message to that doddering old fool Turner.

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