Monday, June 24, 2002

Muslims Plot Attack on Italian Church

They're protesting a painting depicting anti-Islam imagery. This is apparently offensive even though it is art -- left wing take note.

Unnoticed, the entire Muslim world has remained silent on anti-Semitic and anti-American imagery. No Muslim protested a poster reading "Canned Palestinian Children Meat, slaughtered according to Jewish rites under American license" at San Francisco State University.

Norwegian supermarkets put yellow stickers on Jewish products. No Muslim has a problem with it.

No Muslim protested when an Egyptian "scholar" wrote, A short while ago, "they are accursed, fundamentally, because they are the plague of the generation and the bacterium of all time. Their history always was and always will be stained with treachery, falseness, and lying. Historical documents prove it. Thus, the Jews are accursed - the Jews of our time, those who preceded them and those who will come after them, if any Jews come after them."

"Main Kampf" is a perennial best-seller in Arab states.
Art depicting Jewish massacres? No protests at all.

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