Monday, November 25, 2002

Iran Clerics To Review Death Sentence For Academic

Painting Iran as part of the 'Axis of Evil' is turning out to be a very good thing. The young people of Iran have had enough of being the hard-liners in the mid-east and perhaps even the entire world ... and the cultural rebelliousness of the Iranian people is spurring them to action. The same zeal that caused them to overthrow one dictator in 1979 is causing them to protest the same thing with religious robes.

The catalyst, and many movements like this have one defining event, is the death sentence handed to Hashem Aghajari, a handicapped war veteran, because he said that each generation was supposed to interpret Islam. Hashem has 20 days to appeal ( December 2 ) and has steadfastly refused to bother. Certainly an appeal, which can easily be re-examined and the verdict again enforced by the repressive judiciary, would give the appearance of legitimacy to Iran's hard-liners. Instead, Hashem looks ready to become a martyr and bring down the fundamentalist regime.

Iran is one of few mid-east countries where the irate nature of the people can be counted on to do the right thing eventually. The Iranian government may be an axis of evil, but around that axis are a culture that was historically one of tolerance and dignity ... and will be again.

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