Thursday, October 31, 2002

Muslim Press Release Complains About Western Values

"So what exactly are we being asked to consider as ?universal?? A brief glimpse at any western society, like the USA and UK, run on values of freedom, secularism and democracy will reveal a complete breakdown in the social and moral fabric with homosexuality, paedophilia, adultery, promiscuity, fornication, pornography and abortion rampant, not forgetting all the sexually transmitted diseases that come hand in hand with such liberalism. An overview of the economic infrastructure will show extreme divisions between the poor and the rich oligarchy, a majority of the wealth in the hands of a few individuals and massive investment in useless exploits and so-called ?industries? which only bring degradation, misery and destruction day by day such as alcohol, lottery, pornography, cosmetics, fashion and sports."

Let's take these one at a time. Homosexuality? Talk about hypocrisy ... where does this happen more than the mid-east? Granted, if you are overt about it you will be killed ... so that doesn't speak much for the tolerance of Islam ... but pretending homosexuality does not exist in Islam is silly. Pedophilia? Not much info on that in the US or the mid-east ... but because we have freedom of the press in the US we can hear about it. Where do you hear about it in the mid-east? Nowhere, of course ... for abused children in the mid-east it's just another day. Adultery? So if I pay a fee for a temporary divorce and re-marriage it is not adultery? Yayyy Islam!

Okay, I agree with them on abortion ... there is way too much of it in the west. I don't see how switching to Islam to stop that one problem is a good thing.

But sexually transmitted diseases? The AIDS 'epidemic' is in Africa, which is predominantly Muslim. Divisions between the rich and the poor? Is this the same mid-east run exclusively by rich dictators? Where is the shared wealth there? A majority of wealth in the hands of a few? Yes, a few named Hussein and one named Saud come to mind right away. 'Massive investments' in the lottery? Okay, I never buy lottery tickets. Alcohol? Yes, most Muslims do not drink ... nor do I. Cosmetics, fashion and sports? You love sports!! You were incensed when all of the mid-east football teams got eliminated quickly from the World Cup. As for fashion, the women are completely covered ... so why would they need cosmetics?

It's silly to think that a repressed society is a better society simply because you can control how much make-up a woman wears.

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