Tuesday, July 09, 2002

Arab-American and California Resident Muhammad Amin Salameh: "Osama Bin Laden is My Hero"

Your hero would never live in the land of the infidels so you shouldn't either. You should join him under his mountain, I think.

"Every Palestinian killed in one of the martyrdom operations is a hero; every Palestinian killed resisting the enemy [Israeli] forces is, in the eyes of some, a hero; all those who fought the Soviet forces in Afghanistan, Afghans and others, are heroes; all those who fight America these days in Afghanistan and in other places are also heroes in the eyes of some; all those who refused to submit to the dictates of the Americans and sacrifice their rule ? for example Mullah Muhammad Omar and the Taliban ? are heroes in the eyes of their people and their supporters. Anyone who rises up against American arrogance and tyranny and causes the Americans fear and trembling are also heroes, in the eyes of some."

"Sheikh Osama bin Laden, who preferred Jihad and life in the mountains and caves to the pleasures of [this] transitory world? although he is a wealthy man, the son of wealthy men ? is one of our noble heroes whom history and generations to come will recognize as restoring honor to this [Islamic] nation. No one can monopolize history or distort the truth all the time. It is my right as an Arab and a Muslim to choose my hero, as the Americans choose theirs."

"Therefore I say to them, in the loudest possible voice, that Osama bin Laden is my hero of this generation."

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